Lent, 2021

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Once again we are living the time of Lent in
which, as always, we prepare for the Easter of
the Resurrection, the Celebration of our hope
and the meaning of life. This Lent may be a
different experience for many of us because of
our new reality that has brought us many
changes and challenges in our lives.

During this special time of grace, the Church
invites us, like always, to meet Christ, who is
the Source welling up with eternal life; Christ
who is the Light of the World; and Christ who is
the resurrection and the life.

Let us open ourselves to His power and
grace, so that we may find the source of our life
in Him. Let’s ask for His light for the world and
for each of us. Let us ask for our faith in His
Resurrection so that it may help us overcome
our everyday challenges and let everyone
experience life and eternity through His mercy.

With the best wishes and blessing

Happy Easter!!!
Sincerely in the Risen Christ,
Fr. Zbigniew Fraszczak, SVD