Święty Jan Paweł II

Pope John Paul II Polish Center, 2005

The following are fragments of Eulogy by members of our Center:

As I looked into his eyes standing only 20 feet away, he looked at me made the sign of the cross. Without any words said I felt the strongest energy flowing through us. I will remember this moment forever.

I will never forget the overwhelming emotion of being in His presence. In 1982 in St. Peter’s Square the Holy Father held my hand and asked me in Polish: ‘Where you from, Miss?’. It seems to me that I still hear His voice and feel His touch.

I admire the humility, faith and courage he exemplified. His devotion to Our Lady and youthful optimism for our church.

I remember seeing Pope John Paul II when he was Archbishop of Kraków in 1975 in Wawel Castle. I admire him for bringing people together regardless of their religion, social status, nationality, race.

When meeting him in 1976, when as Cardinal Wojtyła he visited Our Lady of Bright Mount Polish Church in LA, we had this privilege and wonderful feeling of his exceptionalness and a feeling that he was so holy, so warm – like a father embracing his children.

In October 1982 we were part of a group of 20 people from the Polish Community of Orange County and Los Angeles, who made a pilgrimage to the Holy Land and Rome. In Rome, we attended the Liturgy for the Canonization of Maximilian Kolbe, and after that had a private audience with the Holy Father, John Paul II. We presented Holy Father with a beautifully framed picture of Helena Modrzejewska, the picture which was a photograph of her monument in the City of Anaheim Pearson Park. We told Holy Father about the museum of Madame Modrzejewska in Modjeska Canyon in Orange County and he, when presented the picture, had tears in his eyes, thanked us and said: ‘I bless Polonia in California and hope to visit you some day.’

JPII was a very compassionate, loving and strong human being. He did wonders for the world such as defeating communism and spreading freedom and peace through Christ our Jesus. I consider him a great Saint.

JPII will always remain in our hearts and homes. He is what a ‘real Christian’ should be. He was a good example for everyone.

Pope has always been a source of inspiration and contemplation. He has always been with people even that last Easter when he could not speak anymore but still showed up in his window. Seeing him at that time and knowing how he wanted to speak up was heartbreaking.

One of the things that I admire about Pope John Paul II is that he was very intelligent. He used his knowledge of so many languages to communicate God’s message of love for everyone, both Catholic and non Catholic.

What I admire the most about the Great Pope John Paul II is his continuous love, support and example for us to follow. His work is a great inspiration to all.

Being in his presence at Dodgers stadium in 1987 – absolutely awesome. One of the moments of my life. I can still feel that wonderful feeling. He treated everyone withe same amount of respect, no matter who they were

Pope John Paul II was a very kind, generous and thoughtful person. He forgave the man who shot him.